Industry Sectors

Here at Trivision, we are not focused on particular industry sectors.
Our components are used in all industries where maximum precision and high efficiency are required. However, we have particular experience in the following sectors. If your industry sector is not included, this is not a problem. simply contact us and find out what we can do for you.


Smooth and error-free production processes are essential for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

After all, there is nothing more expensive than the production line coming to a standstill.

Fortunately, the automotive industry can rely on the etched parts of Trivision. Our certification according to AITF 16949 is proof of this.

Car audio speaker grills, inlet/outlet valve blade spring, scuff plate, oil filters, connectors are most popular products producing in automotive sector.


As the demand for electronics grows, increased competition is driving down the costs of manufacture.

To remain competitive, manufacturers are looking to produce smaller, high precision parts, pushing the limits of traditional metal machining techniques. This means designers have had to look to new technologies in their quest for smaller, faster and cheaper components.

Chemical etched ultra thin Vapor Chamber(VC), copper thermal plate, heat exchange plate, heat spreading plate, EMI/RF shielding can, battery busbar


In a constantly developing world, safe and efficient medical care is vital. Many people survive life-threatening issues today because a medical device has been invented to diagnose, treat or repair their problem.

Get your medical device to healthcare professionals quickly and affordably with precision metal component fabrication solutions from Trivision.


Precision metal components play critical roles in many optical and photonic based instruments and devices.  Trivision has extensive experience in producing parts that precisely respond to the needs of these applications.