Chemical Etching is so widely used in electronic industry, as it can etch almost any kind of the famous metals that use in electronic products.

Burr free, stress free, ultra thin material fabrication, high accuracy have been tags of chemical etching, which meet the high requirements of electronic products.

Vapor Chamber

As electronic products develop and grow, they became smaller and smaller, thinner and thinner, light way.
What’s more, higher performance CPU generates more heat, heat spreading has been top urgent issue to be solved.
Traditional heat pipes are big and thick, can’t the thin/small/light weight demands of the products, ULTRA THIN VAPOR CHAMBER is the best and most economic way to solve this issue with ultra high performance.
The total thickness of the top and bottom plates is only 0.4mm as general ! Material can be stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium.

EMI Shielding

EMI shielding, another important component for electronic products, they are using to protect electronics from electromagnetic interference.
Nickel silver, plated stainless steel/brass are the most famous material for EMI shieldings.
In Trivision Etching, we have another special technology to bring your components to a higher level-2D insulated ink printing on the inner surface of the shieldings, the ink printing layer is ultra thin and even
From etching, forming to printing, Trivision Etching provides one-stop solution.

Flexible Display Stiffener

Nowadays, flexible display is a big hot topic; Display companies try hard to develop new technology and materials to support the mass production of the flexible display.
Trivision Etching is honor to a member of this, helping the display companies to research and develop new potential materials, our ultra thin and strong metal etching foil is the newest outcome

Other chemical etching products: Contact spring, Heater element, Connector, Terminal, Lead frame