Better equipment, better quality

Equipment are absolutely the most important factors for production.

Trivision Etching has the most advanced equipment for etching in China, build-in photoplotter machine to ensure all confidential customer information keeping in our own factory only, no need to worry about designs being copied by competitors.

And build-in air purification system, waste water treatment system bring both us and our customers a safe/stable/continuous production, we are government approved !

  • Photoplotter Machine 1 set

    Drawing the design patterns to PE films in high accuracy

  • Sheet Metal Cutting Machine 2 sets

    Even though we almost buy materials in sheets from our suppliers, but we also have lots of reel materials in stock for sample projects, we use the manual cutting machines to cut metals into sheet size we want.

  • Pre-treatment(cleaning) lines 2 sets

    Dust,oil,rust cleaning by chemicals

  • Coating Machine 4 sets

    Roller coating, applying UV sensitive and photo resist liquid on metal sheets

  • Conveyor Baking Line 1 set

    Automatic conveyor baking line for big projects

  • Oven Baking Machine 5 sets

    Manual baking machine, curing the liquid coating

  • Lamination Machine 1 set

    Roller laminating, applying UV sensitive and photo resist dry film on metal sheets

  • Exposure Machine 7 sets

    3 sets of tube lights exposure machines, 4 sets of LED parallel light exposure machines; They are to transfer design patterns to sheet metals

  • Developing Lines 2 sets

    Eroding the un-exposed coating areas away from sheet metal by chemicals

  • Etching Lines 8 sets

    Including 2 sets of 36mm etching lines(longest in China) ,they are to erode the unprotected metal areas away from sheet metal by chemicals

  • Stripping Lines 3 sets

    Used to stripped off all the protected coating from the sheet metals, remaining finished products

  • Smart Scopes 7 sets

    Video dimension measuring tools, high accuracy

  • Hardness Tester 1 set

    Used to measure the hardness of metals

  • Salt Spray Test Machine 1 set

    Validate the chemical resist property performance of metals

  • Air Purification System 1 set

    Purify the air before discharging, Government monitored and approved

  • Waste water(sewage) treatment System 1 set

    In-house waste water treatment system, no harmful water discharges; Government monitored and approved