Unique Technology For Thin Metal Machining

Chemical etching is one of the most widely used technology for metal machining in the world, and it is a unique technology for thin metal intricate shaped components.
It is impossible to use laser cutting or stamping to finish a complex part, such as metal encoder wheel; with etching, you can reduce the thickness on the part by half-etch, while there are also though areas on the same component.
And one of the most important reason why we choose chemical etching is burr-free for all the machining edges.

Advantages Of Chemical Etching

  • Low tooling cost

    Unlike stamping or other machining technology, there is no hard tooling cost for the chemical etching process;
    What we actually need for production is a set of FILMs with component patterns on them, which used in the exposure process to transfer the drawings to the sheet metal;
    What's more, the films are not expensive, and you can change your designs any time, and we can remake the films again in a short time.

  • Flexible&Complex on designs

    Different patterns in different shapes are available on the same component, there is no limit for that.

  • Burr&Stress free

    These are the most important advantages of chemical etching, materials reduced by chemical etchant, so it is burr-free on the machining edges;
    None-contact machining process makes it possible for all the components.

  • Short Lead Time

    Samples can be finished within 48 hours as fastest, mass production lead time starts from 4 working days.

  • High accuracy

    Material thickness is ranging from 0.02 to 1.0mm, dimension tolerance is +/-0.01mm as highest.

  • High production capacity

    We have 2 shifts each day, 7 etching lines, tons of metal can be etched each month.

Maximum Your Design

We accept 560mm sheet size width as limit based on our current machine, it is possible to maximum your component design size, contact us for details on big sheets.