Speaker Grills
Trivision Etching Technology produces quite a lot of metal speaker grills with stainless steel/aluminum/brass.
K40 to K400 grinding on visual surface stainless steel,all color anodizing on aluminum is available
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Ultra Thin Vapor Chamber
VC is short for Vapor Chamber
It is widely used on PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone and other electronic products for its excellent cooling performance.
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Fine Filter Mesh
Oil filter
Coffee filter
Vacuum cleaner filter mesh
Insect-proof mesh
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What is Trivision Etching Technology

Trivision Etching Technology is a professional metal chemical etching manufacturer, with more than 8 years of experience.

We focus on high precision metal etching, specialized in ultra VC for PC/Laptop/Mobile phones, speaker grills, filter mesh, EMI shielding, insulation 2D printing…etc.

Various materials to fulfill your specification: stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel, titanium…etc.

From Chemical Etching

Low Tooling Cost

No hard tooling is needed for Photo Chemical Etching Process, a set of masking film generated by Photo Plotter Machine is used for production.

Modify Design Anytime

As no hard tooling is needed for chemical etching, so customers can change their design anytime they want, no extra cost before chemical etching process.

Fast Sampling Lead Time

A prototyping team is set up, normally 3~5 working days to finish the samples, but within 48 hours is available for special offers and projects.

Burr Free

Unlike stamping or other manufacturing process, photo chemical etching produces burr free components, eliminating costly time-consuming de-burring.

High Accuracy

The accuracy of chemical etching dimensions related to material thickness, normally tolerance to be 1/10 of material thickness, as high accuracy as +/-0.015mm

High Production Capacity

In-house Photo Plotter Machine for masking films, 8 Chemical Etching lines, experienced engineers and skillful operators, which guarantees high production capacity.

Except Chemical Etching, we also provide one-stop solution: forming, stamping, painting, plating, PVD... as our value added sevices